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Last Updated: 25th April 2004

Cassandra - A biography

Picture of Cassandra Tiffin-Lavers

Cassandra is a published artist, illustrator and photographer. Based in London, she has also worked with textiles and other media and her work has been featured in various exhibitions both mixed and solo.

Her current work is focused on painting the human torso. These paintings are often highly charged emotionally and are sometimes deeply personal.

Cassandra says of her work:

"I feel that I have not even scratched the surface of my work with the human body. In fact the work you see is only the outer layers, I want to strip away the surface and expose the deeper emotions beneath by stripping away the layers of flesh."



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This site features original paintings, drawings and illustrations by the artist Cassandra Tiffin-Lavers. The work is both representational and contemporary, some of which is for sale or can be commissioned by contacting the artist.